Saturday, May 19, 2012


Time to rub those eyes and look up at that hot ball of fire in the sky... the SUN has returned with it's warmth.  And it looks like it'll stick around for a while now.  Fingers crossed.

You may already notice the increase in runners and cyclists about.  You may even be one of them!  The baseball diamonds, soccer pitches and the like with be getting busy soon too.

As our activity levels rise at this time of year, it is ever so important to keep ourselves in the best condition we can.  Before, during and after exercise.

Eating well, staying hydrated, stretching and getting enough rest are all important components to our well being.

Of course taking advantage of a maintenance treatment plan with your Registered Massage Therapist is a great idea to help avoid injuries.  Depending on the type of activity you take part in you could be looking at a simple every 4 to 6 week work-over to keep things loose OR perhaps a weekly/bi-weekly visit for more active athletes.  Regardless, it is a superb way to avoid small issues before they become BIG issues.  Tissue health is maintained, muscles are stretched, your body can operate more easily.
Remember acupuncture is very helpful with this maintenance as well.

(Smoking NOT advocated!)

Also, here is a great link regarding helping to get kids eating better... it applies to adults too!

Now get out there and enjoy yourself!

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