Tuesday, April 29, 2014


SPRING (officially) has been here for several weeks now.  But this back-and-forth weather has certainly kept the blossoms at bay.  Hopefully, that will sort itself out very soon.
The delay of PROPER warmer, sunny, beautiful CONSISTENT weather has given us the opportunity to delay all of those "once the weather improves, I'll get out and be active..." plans.  Slowly but surely the bikers and runners are increasing in numbers.  Soon the outdoor team sports will be starting up too.  Eventually even the golfers will get their chance!
If you are one of those who has been delaying, delay no longer!  May is almost upon us.  As we know, the spring/summer months seem to fly by.  Now is the time to re-start those New Year resolutions, if they've faltered.  No shame in tripping up.  The only shame is not getting back at it again.

One more thing I know I am looking forward to with this imminent spring, is the beginning of local produce sighted at the farmer's markets!  SO many fresh and deeeelicious local fruits and veggies.  How much longer til the peaches?!?  Oh, and fiddleheads.  And BERRIES.  And, and, and....
I can not wait.