Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm currently reading "The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine" by Maoshing Ni, Ph.D.  It is labelled as "the essential text of Chinese Health and Healing".  In it, there is an interesting bit of  information on how to care for yourself during the various seasons.  It begins with spring, so I figured I'd share little bits of it.  Interesting ideas.

Spring - broken into three months, this season brings about "the revitalization of all things in nature" when "heaven and earth are reborn".  The book advises to wake up early and go walking in order to take in the "fresh, invigorating energy" available at this time.  It's all about rejuvenation and trying to be open to this both physically and emotionally.
The book also recommends frequent exercise, lots of stretching and wearing loose fitting clothing.  Also recommended for this season is to develop equanimity, emotionally.  Apparently this is the season of the liver and indulging in emotions such as anger, depression, etc. can later injure the liver.

Maybe I'll stop there and move on to summer when we get closer to that season. 
(And judging by the snowfall outside today, it can't come soon enough!)

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