Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Keeping active! Winter fun.

It's seems so much easier keeping active in the warmer months.  Even taking those evening walks on a warm summer eve is decent activity.  So what do you do when the temperature is -20C and the snow is blowing sideways outside?  Hardly tempting to go for that stroll, short of wearing some type of winter survival gear.

Well, if you ski or snowboard, that's great.  Skating in an indoor arena is a possibility as well.  And it saves you from the elements.  But what to do if "winter" activities aren't for you?

I've been warming up in the mornings with some Moksha yoga before hitting the clinic lately.  The studio I've been going to downtown currently has worthwhile specials going on.  Perhaps it's a good idea to check out a yoga studio close to you.  Help de-stress, stretch and keep in shape!  A gym is also a popular idea for those indoor winter workouts.  If you're new to the gym experience, a personal trainer may be a good idea.  They can help design a workout routine to fit your needs.

Whatever the activity, I believe the benefits are plenty.  You avoid that "extra baggage" which is so easy to gain over the winter months, it helps your mood, helps de-stress and keeps you ready for those warm weather activities.... not too far off, I hope!

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